How to choose a training

You can choose personal growth training and understand how high-quality and useful it is according to a number of signs:


It is clear that the more people found a specific training useful for themselves, the likelihood that its passage will benefit you is much higher than if you were a visitor to an unknown training conducted by an unknown coach. It is even better if among those who can recommend this training, there are more or less well-known personalities who value their reputation.

Online personal growth training reviews are the first thing you should look at when choosing the best one. But you should be choosy and distinguish the laudatory reviews written by the training companies themselves from the reviews of real people!

When choosing a training, people often rely on the opinions of acquaintances who have passed the personal growth training they need. Of course, it is worth listening to such recommendations – they will help you make an informed decision. You just need to pay attention to a few aspects. Firstly, how close a person is to you in terms of development level, in terms of worldview, emotionality and rationality, in terms of the level of inner strength and self-esteem. Secondly, one should be wary of judgments with extreme meanings – with excessive admiration and criticism. Admiration may be the result of hidden manipulations of the coach, and criticality may appear as a result if your friend accidentally finds himself at a training that does not suit him according to his convictions or, for example, in terms of the degree of rigidity. Such a recommendation will look objective, which will describe to you all the positive and negative aspects of the training, without disclosing its content.


The training program for personal growth should be contained in the description, at least in a brief form. Often the ads only talk about what you can achieve after completing the training and not a word about the methodology on which this training is based.

If there is no description at all, then it is worth considering! This situation may indicate the carelessness and optionality of the coach. What can you learn from this coach?

I also want to draw your attention to the tricks and techniques used in advertising self-development trainings. It happens that the manner of compiling the advertising text for the training and the text itself are aggressive and contain stupid tricks that scare smart people away. Well, for example: “The choice is yours – to undergo training or remain a loser all your life! What do you choose? or “You can spend this amount for good and take our personal growth training, or you can buy with this money … bottles of vodka …” well, etc., there are a lot of examples. So, such aggressive advertising, on the one hand, can indicate that coaches and companies only need your money, on the other hand, these texts can be compiled by copywriters and advertising agencies who just want to sell something. You should not be afraid of such defiant advertising (the laws of the genre), but on the other hand, if you read an original and heartfelt description, this is a big plus and a good reason to pay your attention to the event.


Personal growth trainings can be conducted by independent coaches, or I can take place on the basis of a training center. If you have chosen a training offered by a training center, then study its website in detail and consider the following points:

How long has the company been in business? Young centers can offer the latest and most interesting programs, as a rule, there is a high enthusiasm of trainers, but a weak material base, and most likely, some unpleasant moments await you during the training – low level of conduct, not very good organization of the process, uncomfortable conditions and etc.
What kind of trainings does this training company conduct? Classes can be rational and more applied, or vice versa, logically inexplicable and esoteric. It’s easy to keep track of the tasks of this center, the names of trainings and topics discussed on the forum of the company’s website.
What training centers or trainers does this center cooperate with. Does he have his own coaches or works only with invited coaches. If the staff of the training company includes its own teachers, then this is a big plus demonstrating its focus and constancy.
Today in Russia there are not a small number of author’s centers for personal growth, and they mainly develop the thoughts and ideas of the head of the center. Therefore, you should at least superficially familiarize yourself with the main ideas of these leaders and assess whether you agree with their opinion and whether it is close to you in spirit. If so, feel free to sign up for the training of this center – the quality of the services provided in them is very high.

These centers include the Center for Positive Psychology “Smart Way” (Alexander Grigoryevich Sviyash), the Center “Sinton” (Nikolai Ivanovich Kozlov), the Institute for Human Development (Mirzakarim Sanakulovich Norbekov), the Marik Khazin training center and others.