Personal Growth Coaching: What is it?

personal growth trainings appeared back in the troubled 90s and after a while they successfully took root, like other unchanging components of “developed capitalism”. To date, there are 100 or even 1000 firms of various sizes that offer various trainings for personal growth. Moreover, today there is even an opportunity to take such training online.

The founder of such trainings is the American Alexander Everett, who opened in Texas in 1968 a training called “The Dynamics of the Mind”. This miraculous technique promised to turn any loser into a real leader in the shortest possible time. This training quickly gained immense popularity, primarily among the owners of various retail chains that were engaged in MLM and direct sales. “Mind Dynamics” has become the basis for the training and education of successful sales managers and salesmen.

Personal Growth: What is it?

Personal growth is the disclosure and development of human potential, as well as his personality. Personal growth training is a psychological training aimed directly at positive qualitative changes, which helps people go through the stages of personal growth, makes it possible to become freer and go beyond standard human thinking, to become closer to themselves, to gain access to previously unknown internal resources, to become more happy.

Personal growth training teaches you to accept yourself, as well as your own nature, manage yourself, as well as your lifestyle, set goals for yourself and achieve them.

There are 2 forms of such training:

  • Individual (They are developed directly for the needs of a particular person);
  • Group (Often they are held in a group, which consists of 7-15 participants and 1 trainer. Each participant of the training has a chance to prove himself during the class, can learn a lot of new things both about himself personally and his own interaction and other people and the world as a whole).

Personal growth training will be useful for those who want to improve their lives, reach new heights, be always at odds with themselves and dive inside themselves; to all who are full of strength and energy, as well as to all those who are not afraid to discover something new in themselves.

The essence of personal growth training

What is personal growth training and what is its essence can be understood from the advertisements of companies offering these services. Personal growth trainings are classes that are aimed at increasing the potential of a person, at revealing and improving those qualities that help us succeed in various areas. The purpose of the training is to change the life position to familiar things, change the habitual stereotypes of thinking and behavior that prevent a person from becoming happier and more successful.

In personal growth trainings, the emphasis is on qualitative and positive changes in a person’s personality. With the help of specially developed techniques, a person is programmed for success and after that feels more confident, calmer and freer in any life situation.